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Does the journey to Iran ( hotel, tour leader, etc) cost in addition to the price of the carpet?

No, hotel, visa, food, tour leader, and domestic flights of Iran are given to you and your companion as a gift, and no cost will be added.

Do we have to pay for the exit of the carpet?

No, according to the rules of Iran, every passenger can take up to 20 meters of handmade carpets at no expense. Antique carpets are not covered by this law. There is no antique carpet at Airrug. Of course, this law does not apply to Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

When will we get the carpet?

When you travel to Iran (Tehran), we will come to the airport to welcome you. We will lead you to the hotel’s residence, and deliver the carpet to you at the hotel.

How do we pay the carpet?

When we deliver the carpet at the hotel, we will get the money in cash.

How much cash can we bring to Iran?

Every passenger can bring up to 10,000 euro to Iran. Of course, it does not matter if you bring more than it, but due to the rules of money laundering, it should be announced at the airport that you have more than 10,000 euro.

How many people can travel to Iran, and for how many nights?

2 people can travel to Iran for 7 nights without any expense.

Can we add to the days of journey or to the attendants?

Yes, Just inform the Airrug experts about the number of people or nights you want to add, then, they will tell you the new expense.

Note: A small amount will be added.

How many carpets can we buy?

You can buy up to 40 handmade carpets. If you buy more than one handmade carpet, the second, third, and… carpets  will have a discount of 20%.

Why only 40m of carpet can be purchased?

According to Iran’s laws, every passenger can take 20m of handmade carpet without any charge by Iran.

If we do not like the handmade carpet, can we change it?

Yes, if you did not like the carpet which is delivered to you at the hotel, you can choose another carpet.

Can I pay online?

In order to trust us for the purchase of the carpet, you will pay when the carpet is delivered to you and a free journey is given to you as a gift. So we do not have an online payment.

Can I order my own favorite design?

If you do not find your favorite handmade design among Airrug carpets, you can tell us your special design and color, and it will be woven for you.

Who is responsible for the flight expense from the origin to the destination?

The cost of the plane ticket from the origin to the destination and vice versa is in charge of the purchaser. But Iran’s domestic flight tickets are charged by Airrug.

Is the journey to Iran organized in a group?

No, travelling to Iran is exclusive and VIP, and it is only for you and is not organized in a group.

I do not know if the carpet I have chosen is suitable for my decoration or not?

You can connect to the Airrug experts and send the photo of your decoration and the chosen carpet to the expert. Airrug will set your chosen handmade carpet on the decoration image, so you can have a better decision and get advice from Airrug experts for free.

How to order Persian handmade carpets?

Choose your handmade carpet at carpet store and enter your complete information. In the description part, note which way you want us to connect to you. Airrug advisers will call you and you will come to Iran and have a great trip here and also an Iranian handmade carpet.

Which cities of Iran do we travel to?

You will first travel to Tehran. You can travel to 2 other cities which are your choice. Airrug offers Isfahan and Shiraz. You can study the ‘travel magazine‘ to make a better choice.