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Carpet And Free Travel

The website and store of airrug provide the best Iranian handmade carpets to its customers at the best price.  We have the most beautiful handmade carpets of Iran, so you can see all the carpets, read their specifications, see and select photos from different angles.

The distinction between airrug and other handmade carpet stores is that

– It will be assured that you will buy modern Iranian handmade carpets which are woven with skilled weavers in Iran because the carpet will be delivered in Iran. That is exactly you will come to Iran!!!

– The most important thing is that you will be given a free trip to Iran when you buy Iranian carpets.

Yes, just when you have chosen your carpet, we will give you a free trip along with one of your loved ones ( friend, spouse, father, mother, sister or brother). We will treat you a free trip to Iran for 7 days with one of your dears.

First, you choose your carpet, communicate with our experts and determine the chosen carpet. After that, you should tell us the time you can come to Iran and then you will come here and experience an unforgettable journey.

So, choose your carpet now, connect with airrug directors, have a memorable journey to Iran and also an original Iranian carpet.

If you have any question that involves your mind, first read the FAQ or contact our advisers.

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Carpet And Free Travel
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