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Attractions in Yazd

Yazd is the first adobe and the second most historic city in the world. Yazd province is one of the provinces, which in addition to numerous monuments, have attracted the attention of tourists and desert lovers for its desert status. This city is famous as the windward city, desert bride, scientific institute, aqueduct city, contentment and the city of bicycles. Yazd is one of the most beautiful adobe cities in the world due to its unique attractions.

On the one hand, the desert and the sandy hills, and on the other hand, being close to the beautiful Shirkuh heights and flourishing summer with appropriate weather have provided fascinating sights for leisure time to travelers.


Here are some of Yazd’s spectacular attractions:

Verhoram or Bahram fire temple

The construction of Varhoram’s fire temple was made in 1934 with the help of the Zoroastrian of Yazd and India’s parsees .The main building of the fire temple with its beautiful architecture has exhibited achaemenian arts. It is located in the center of the main and big courtyard of the fire temple and the whole building is on the height. The greenery of its courtyard is a shadow of warm and enduring days. Whenever you come to Yazd, visit and enjoy this beautiful and old fore temple.


Amir Chakhmaq mosque

The Amir Chakhmaq mosque  complex of Yazd is a building that includes the square, lake, market, water storage and mosque, which is one of the most prominent places in Yazd. This building was built by Amir Jalaloddin Chakhmaq Shami during the Timurid period. The mosque of this complex is more important than other places of it. This mosque has a huge dome and a great oasis and two bedchamber of winter and summer, and its altar has a beautiful marble stone with carved patterns on it.


Ziayeh school or Alexander’s prison

The Ziayeh school is known as the Alexander’s prison, which is one of the works of Mowlana Zia’eddin Hossein Razi and was founded in 1234 and completed by her sons in 1305.The main bedchamber of the school has an altar and there are porches built around the school. Adobe dome of this school is decorated with gilding and watercolor painting on the top of the building inspired by the architecture of the Mogul period.

ziayihe 1
ziayhie 3

Larie’s house

The time of the construction of the Lari house dates back to the Ghajar era, and it was built about 150 years ago, the owner of this house is Haj Mohammad Ibrahim Lari, and it is located in the Fehadan neighborhood of Yazd. The building of this house was built according to the general style of the house of its period. The architecture of this house is inwardly divided into two parts of the interior and exterior, and the courtyard in the center and the northern and southern parts are used respectively as winter and summer which include halls and windward. This historic house is now used as a documentary museum.

lariha 1
lariha 2
lariha 3

Zina’ddin caravansary’

Zina’ddin caravansary is about 400 years old and it was built on the orders of Abbas king. It has two floors with vernacular materials and bricks which was registered in 2006 at UNESCO.  Zina’ddin caravansary was built 60 km from Yazd road to Kerman.

zeinodin 1
zeindodin 2
zinodin 3

Eight Gardens of Dolat Abad

Eight gardens of Dolat Abad is one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran located in the center of Yazd. To enter this garden, you have to cross a fairly large vestibule. This building is a memorial left over from the Afshariyeh and Zandieh era. The greenery and fruitful trees of this garden have created a unique atmosphere that delights each viewer. The most important thing in this garden is the world’s tallest windward, which has given a different effect to this garden.

8 garden 1
8 garden 2
8 garden 3

The water storage with six windward

This water storage of Yazd is one of the most prominent attractions of this city which dates back to the Ghajar era. This water storage was registered in 1996 by the National Iranian Republic. Given that there are 75 water storages in Yazd, it turns out that this water storage is better than all of them.

water 1
water 2
water 3

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Attractions in Yazd
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