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Attractions in Tehran

Tehran is the capital city of Iran and it has the most popularity in this country.Tehran is a piece of history and history is a piece of Tehran. This city like a ship was sailing through the ups and downs of waves of history. Its traditional people and old streets and buildings can resemble this rich history behind this city, that’s why this city and its old places are so much dear to us.

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Abgineh Museum

30th Tir Street is the name of the street that this museum and a lot of historical buildings were built inside it, which even its name has a historical background. When we walk through this street we can find Abgineh Museum at our left side. A museum that once was the work place of Ghavamo Saltaneh, vice minister of the late Qajar and early Pahlavi period, and he took most of his decisions in this museum.   When you stand behind the fences of this museum, you can see a house that its beauty will strike your eyes. This museum is a place for keeping the earthy and glassy dishes that belonged to the time of before Islam.

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The facade of Bagh-e Melli

At the end of 30th Tir Street we arrive to the entrance of Bagh-e Melli. This entrance which was built in 1922 to 1925 by the order of Reza Shah, is on the north side of Imam Khomeini Street, on the east side of ministry of foreign affair’s building and on the west side of post and telegraph museum. Before building the Azadi Square this place was the symbol of Tehran, but after the Azadi Square was built this place was less seen in the pictures.

This facade was actually the entrance to the Mashgh square which was a military place those times. After turning these lands to public gardens they changed its name from Mashgh square to the facade of Baghe Melli or Sar Dar e Baghe Melli.

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Golestan Palace

In the range of Tehran’s Bazaar, there are some historical buildings like Melli Bank, but when you move further you can see the Golestan Palace. This palace was once the place of kings crowning, like Ahmad Shah, Muzaffaruddin Shah, Reza Shah and Muhammad Reza Shah. Stablishing of the founders council was also happened in this place.

It is true that this palace was built during the reign of Shah Tahmasb  a Safavi’s period king, but most of the palaces and mansions inside it were built by the Qajar Kings. One of the most beautiful of these palaces is Shamsulemareh palace. There is a clock at the top of this palace which was given to Naseruddin Shah from Queen Victoria as a gift.

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Hasan Abad Square

Hasan Abad square is known for its domical buildings. A place that its wool shops are in their most crowded times in autumn and winter.

This place was established in Qajar period in 1930. Before the time that this place was built, there was a big garden instead of it, that its owner’s name was Mirza Yosef Ashtiyani and he named this place Hasan Abad after his son’s name Hasan.

After Tehran being much bigger and progressing, buildings with eight domes came instead of the big garden.

It’s been some years that, these domical buildings had been repaired and the streets had been paved and the place again has been revived.

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Bagh Ferdos

At the city center there are a lot of mansions, like Kolah Farangi mansion, but visiting them are forbidden, so we go after the historical buildings placed in the north of the city.

In Vali-e Asr Street near to Tajrish you can find Bagh Ferdos. Bagh Ferdos these days are is known for its café restaurants and its cinematic museums is a legacy remained from Qajar period. In 1885 by the order of Muhammad Shah, a castle had started to be built near to Tajrish and they named it Muhammadieh Palace, but because of Muhammad Shah’s sickness this castle remained unfinished, and the Shah died in his unfinished castle.

At the same time aristocrats started building a Mansion near Muhammadie Palace that it became famous as Bagh Ferdos. Bagh Ferdos is a perfect place for walking in Tehran and you can go there any time of the day.

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Sad Abad Palace

This palace is placed in Zaferanieh, the most pleasing and flourishing district In Tehran. Sad Abad complex has seen four historical periods, Qajar, First Pahlavi, Second Pahlavi and current time.

Sad Abad was built in Qajar and because of its good weather and beautiful environment, it became the living place of the kings in summers. After the coup of 1920 and capturing it by the Akbari’s Family, there were built a lot of palaces and mansions that they became more than 81 palaces and mansions, which each one of them, was the dwelling place for each Pahlavi member. These days these palaces are having official meetings inside them. The Green Palace, that it was once belonged to Reza Shah, is the most beautiful one among these palaces.

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Niavaran Palace

Nowadays this palace is having musical performances and concerts inside it and it is remained from Pahlavi period and its cafes are so much thriving. Building of this palace started in 1958 by the order of Muhammad Reza Shah and it had been finished at 1967.

At the time of Fathali Shah, Shah of Qajar, there was a smaller palace instead of Niavaran Palace, that had been destroyed during the reign of Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and he replaced it with Niavaran Palace. Kushk-e Ahmadshahi, Sahebquranieh Palace and Jahan Nama Museum are the sections of Niavaran Palace.

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Attractions in Tehran
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