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Attractions in Kashan

Kashan city is one of the cities of Isfahan province, which because of its numerous attractions has a great importance from tourism point of view. Yearly, lots of people travel to this city to see its ancient attractions.

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Fin Historical Garden

This garden is located at the end of the AmirKabir Street, and at the other side of the Street you can find Imam Hussein Square. Before you enter the area of the garden you can find a lot of stores and restaurants that are the best place for resting beside the Fin stream and its beautiful trees.

This garden is 23 thousand square meters and it is belonged to Safavieh period that became registered in the World Heritage List of Unesco at 2010. From Aleh Boieh’s time, this garden became noteworthy of several Kings because of the watery Soleymanieh fountain, and its last changes are belonged to Safavieh period. The final design of this garden was done by a genius person named Ghiasuddin Jamshid-e Kashani.

The most important and beautiful feature of this garden is the water of the stream around it, that in some place it is used as a fountain and in some other as stagnant water and you can also see it bubbling and as moving streams. Because of the disparity of the surface, this water will be pushed out from the stones without any propulsion.

The symmetry of the buildings give a special kind of sight to the place. Safavi Slope, Saltanati or Royal Bath, Melli Museum, Khalvat-e Karim Khani and Shahneshin Room are the main entity of this building, which some of them were added to the place after the Safavhi period.

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Hammam-e Fin (Fin Bath)

Two of the most important and historical baths of Iran, are located in Kashan on the south side of Fin Garden, that are known as the Great Bath( Royal Bath, which is built by the order of Fathali Shah) and the Small Bath(Servant Bath).

In the khazineh of the Small Bath, there are 7 tiles which have 500 years old.

The Small Bath is during the reign of Safavieh kings and is much older than the Great Bath. The assassination of Amir Kabir, which is one the most tragic happenings in Iran politic and history, was happened inside of this Bath.

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Old Hamam Kashan
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The Mosque and the School of Agha Bozorg-e Kashan

The mosque and the school of Agha Bozorg-e Kashan, is one the most beautiful and magnificent mosques of Qajar period, that was built by financial assistance and donation of Haj Muhammad Taghi-e Khanban, and its building process was done during the reign of Naseruddin Shah. A mansion that its dome has an elegant and eye-catching architecture.

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Silk Hills of Kashan

Surely visiting a place, that is one of the most ancient place of history of human civilization, will be exciting and interesting. The graveyards of this place that each of them is belonged to 3500 B.C and 3000 B.C, can be very exciting for archeology and history lovers. This ziggurat which is built from bole and clay, was unknown and unfound, until the flood of 80 years ago, that caused this place to be found and brought it out of the soil.

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Attractions in Kashan
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