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Attractions in Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the most popular historical cities in Iran that drew the attention of Internal and external tourists a lot. Some of the Iranians specially in their vacations choose this city for spending time and having fun, and tourists love this city. Isfahan was been the capital of Iran during some of the historical dynasties that it caused this city to become one of the most attractive historical cities in the world. Isfahan is at the center of Iran and from the greatness and population point of view it is the third city in Iran. This city has a lot of historical and cultural places in it that some of them is named in Unescos’s Global Legacy list. Isfahan has been nominated as the cultural capital of the Islamic world.

We name some of the most attractive places of Isfahan In the list below.


Naghshe Jahan Square

Usually the first place that tourists want to see in Isfahan is Naghshe Jahan Square, because by this decision they can also visit the historical places placed around the square, like Ali Ghapoo, Imam’s Mosque, Lotf Allah’s Mosque. Inside Ali Ghapoo’s building that it once was a administrative building, you will have the most beautiful architecture and paintings and on its terrace you can see the dream like view of the Naghshe Jahan Square. Around the square, there are a lot of traditional bazaars that you can find Isfahan’s handicrafts in them and they are the best places for shopping traditional art works.


Sio Se Pol

Sio Se Pol is a historical bridge on the Zayande Rood river. This bridge was built during the reign of the Safavi king, king Abbas, that its brick facade specially at nights became so much beautiful. It is an architectural masterpiece.


Khajoo Bridge

Khajoo Bridge is at the east side of Sio Se Pol. At the middle of this bridge there is a mansion that was a temporary place for king Abbas II to spend time with his family there (1600 AD). The length of this bridge is 331 meters and because it is placed in Khajoo district, it is named as Khajoo Bridge.


Chehel Sotoon Palace

Chehel Sotoon Palace is one of the remarkable historical buildings in this city that was built during the reign of king Abbas I. (1600 AD). The most beautiful feature of this building that no one can ignore is the extraordinary paintings inside it. Tourists stay hours observing these paintings without considering the passage of time.  This palace has a beautiful yard inside it and it has a stunning architecture.

chel soton 1
chelsoton 2
chelsoton 3

8 Behesht Mansion

This Mansion was built by Safavies in 1669. This two floored building has beautiful ceilings with stunning designs and it is  one of the brilliant examples of Safavi architecture. It is said that, this mansion was the place of 8 of king’s favorite wives that 4 of them live on the top floor and 4 of them in the ground leveled floor.

behesht 1
Palace of Hasht Behesht, meaning "Eight Paradises" is a Safavid era palace in Isfahan.
It was built in 1669.
hasht behest 3


Menarjonban is a kind of campanile that has the ability to move. One of the most famous of these Menarjonbans is placed in Isfahan. It has two campanile that by one of them moving the other one also start moving. But nowadays moving this campaniles is forbidden.

jonban 1
jonban 2
jonban 3

Ali Ghapoo

This architectural masterpiece, is a building belonged to the 11th century.  Ali Ghapoo that means High Port, was built in king Abbas’s time. At those times king had meetings with his ministers and ambassadors in Ali Ghapoo. This building has 6 floors and building it was happened in several levels and time. It has two huge spiral step ways to other floors. Each floor has its own special designs. In the third floor there is a porch with a marble pool inside it. The sixth floor which is famous with the name of voice chamber, is a chamber designed by the most beautiful plastering, in which the beautiful tone of music inside it makes it more extravagant and glamorous.

ghapo 1

Sheikh Lotf Allah’s Mosque

This masterpiece of art and architecture is built on the east side of the Naghshe Jahan Square. With its round dome that has no minaret beside it and beautiful and remarkable paintings on its surface, it attract people’s eyes to it. This beautiful mosque has special feature that makes it different from other mosques, that is its dome without any minaret. This mosque also doesn’t have any entrance courtyard but instead it has a tiled porch and a specific elegance that gives color to the Naghshe Jahan square.


Vank Church

This church is one of the most important attractions of Isfahan city. The main name of this church is Vank Amna Perkich and it is built during the reign of king Abbas II. (1640 AD). This historical church was the prayer place of the Armenians and is placed in Jolfa district. This church has two domes, which they are made round shaped by imitation from Iranian architecture of those times. Ceilings and walls of this church are covered with the most beautiful paintings from Bible, which you can see Jesus Christ, Hell and Heaven inside them. In this church you can find a museum and a library that they have historical value. In this museum you can find written prescriptions, paintings, musical instruments and jewels.

vank 3

Aquarium Tunnel

Visiting this Tunnel in such historical and ancient city can be an exciting experience. It is the first Aquarium Tunnel in Iran that you can find a vast number of Aquatic creatures brought up from all over the world, from all five continents together. When you stand inside this tunnel it is like a trip through deep waters standing beside all kind of fishes, sharks, sea horses, crabs, piranhas, octopuses and all other aquatics living in salty waters or fresh waters.


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Attractions in Isfahan
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