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About Iran

Iran has a vast land area of 1,648,000 km, with about 80 million inhabitants in the southwest of Asia. Tehran is the most populated city and also is capital of Iran. Iran is among the top 5 countries in the world due to the climate and biological diversity, and is historically and culturally among the top 10 countries in the world. In other words, in terms of tourist attractions, our country is one of the top 10 countries in the world.

Limpid fountains, pomegranate trees, pistachio gardens, Tabriz gardens, nomad’s migration in various seasons, rocks, mountains, endless lowlands and heights, snow-covered volcanoes, massive jungles, Alborz mountains and the banks of Mazandaran sea are spectacular and unforgettable views of nature in Iran, which provide a memorable experience for the tourists. The view of Iran’s plains is variable, sometimes filled with sank and rock, sometimes flood-covered, and snow-covered, or full of flower and plants.

Iran is one of the most unique countries in terms of weather. The difference of temperature in the winter between the hottest and coldest points sometimes reaches to more than 50c.

There are about 75 languages and dialects in Iran. The largest linguistic groups in Iran are Farsi, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Turkmen, Gilaki, Mazandarani, Taleshi, Lori, Bakhtiari, Arabic, Baluchi, Laki, Dilami, Tati, Armenian, Mandaean, etc.

Crafts and traditional arts of Iran are among the most important tourist attractions with a variety of about 300 courses of several thousand years old, and Iran has the first rank in the field of handicrafts among the countries. Due to the dispersion of these industries in different parts of Iran, its attractions are spread throughout the country and include signs of the customs of every nation and region. Here are some of famous Iranian handicrafts: jajim weaving, glitters, silk sewing and weaving, carpet weaving, local clothing, tatting, pottery, tiling, engraving, carving, embossing, mosaic, velvet weaving, glazing and enameling, design and illumination, traditional paintings and so on.

In terms of tourist attractions, Iran is very rich. Most of Iran’s cities have attractive tourism, historical and natural attractions.

In terms of population and tourist attractions, we can mention the cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Tabriz and Kashan. Each of these cities have their own unique places and visiting the attractions of each city has its own pleasure.

Here, Airrug will introduce tourist attractions of 5 cities ( Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan and Yazd), so you can make a better choice to travel to beautiful Iran.

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About Iran
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